It’s no secret I feel trapped lately. Crappy house. Fairly crappy town. Crappy restrictions on recovery.

Lucky for massive pouters like me, there are services like Hulu Plus and Netflix to help me gorge on kitschy Korean adult and teen dramas to pass the insomnia at nights.

Sleeping is a fickle jerk

Seriously, insomnia…except its more than that. I have these crazy nightmares that I can’t always remember but I just know I wake up terrified and shaken during the morning. It sucks and I honestly told P the other day that I feel like I’m being haunted by something. ¬†Two nights ago I did that wake/dream thing where I wake up but the dream is still playing out (ask P how fun it is to have conversations with me about phantom bugs and random missing mixing bowls at 2 a.m). ¬†Anyway, the dream/wake thing two nights ago had me wake up around 1 a.m. INSISTENT that I could see these fluorescent/neon tiny footprints that led over the sofa and far, far beyond somewhere. In the dreamstate, I got the urge to sort of follow them. But when I woke up (and still swore I could see them), I was terrified that there was something waiting for me to follow it. Something bad. I woke up terrified and the only one awake and you know how bad that sucks.

Seriously crazy, right? (And no, I’m not on painkillers anymore…more’s the pity.)

I had nightmares when I was a kid and my parents adopted the greatest dog on the planet–a big, brown lab named Emma. Emma came to live with us and the nightmares stopped. Unfortunately, Emma’s been gone a long, long time and poor Meato/Mason is so wrapped up in his own issues, he’s not much of a dream guardian.

Enter the KDrama.

I’m awake long past when everyone else goes to sleep and one random night, I stumbled upon a huge listing of Korean television series on Netflix. My biggest interaction with Korean culture thus far has been my love of their teen music scene, Kpop.

But I picked a random title and that’s when the magic happened.

resized fated


Fated to Love You wins at life

Lee Gun’s an alpha CEO of a shampoo company. By some twist of machinations, he’s got to marry and have an heir in a year to stay head honcho. Not to worry–he’s got a prima ballerina girlfriend, a ring and a plan. Never mind the fact that fate’s got a different path for him in the form of “post-it girl” Mi-Young, who everyone pushes around and treats like a door mat. In our first episode, they are victim to a set up and accidentally “hook up” thanks to some powerful narcotics and an island full of people desperate to keep their soap factory that Lee Gun bought.

Over the course of 20 episodes, there’s an unplanned pregnancy, a shot-gun wedding, a love triangle, a debilitating disease and its threat looming, amnesia, a horrible accident, a rebirth of a former wallflower and at the end? Love. A perfect, perfect love story.

More than once I started watching this after everyone was asleep and by the time I could peel my eyes away (sometimes nearing 2 a.m. or beyond) I could actually sleep.

Some of the humor is campy, but it’s addicting. Waaay addicting.

orange-marmalade-3 formatte

Orange Marmalade kicks Twilight’s vampire a#$

I had no idea what to expect when I finished Fated to Love You, only that there was a gaping hole in my soul. (Do you think campy drama is rubbing off on me at all??) Because I write young adult/teen and because I love anything paranormal, I gave Orange Marmalade a shot.

So first, the cool thing about this show is that it was originally a book that was turned into a super popular webtoon that ran from 2011 to 2013.

The basis is simple…in this version of the world, vampires coexist under a treaty with humans. Most humans don’t trust/like vampires, especially hottie bo-bottie Jae-Min, the alpha dog, rich kid at school. Ma-Ri is the new girl, and yep…you guessed it, a super shy, super sensitive vampire who will do anything to stay under the radar and just graduate without being discovered.

Except love makes messes of things.

True to form, there’s a love triangle in the form of hot-head Vampire hottie bo-bottie Si-Hoo. And there’s even amnesia, too. Oh, and two episodes ago, the show took me from present day to the Joseon era back in the 1500s because screw your linear story telling. I think the point was to build the fact that our characters all have bonds that go way back beyond high school and in a different life, the two boys in the love triangle were best friends and pampered scholars who fell for the same vampire under cover…yep, Ma Ri, who gets the shaft in the Joseon story line because now not only is she a vampire, but she’s incredibly poor in a class-crazy society.

I kind of screwed myself with Orange Marmalade, though. It’s actually in its current season right now in Korea and their new episodes come out every Friday night…meaning I have to wait until Tuesdays for them to show up on Hulu Plus. Do you see what the Netflix era has done to me? I’m so used to binge watching that I have zero patience for the way that television was supposed to be and now I’m half crazy because Joseon-era Jae-Min basically proclaimed his mad, undying love of Ma-Ri in front of errrrrrrbody and that’s gonna muck up his life big time because she’s lower class. Nevermind the fact that he doesn’t know she’s a vampire yet and he hates vampires…


Ok. I’ll stop there. I won’t even go into how much my obsession has changed the way I eat and the tea I drink yet. I’ll save that for another post.

Just know that I’ve found the prescription-less Ambien for half-crazies like me. Effective, cheap and addicting.