My Kdrama journey actually began with this series and it’s wild to look back as I write this recap/review a few months later and realize how far the love of this show would take me.

The Fated to Love You version I watched was a Korean remake of a Taiwanese series of the same name. I watched the entire series over the course of a week and a half over on Netflix, but it’s also available on Drama Fever.


Series Name: Fated to Love You

Run date: The series ran from July 2 to September 4, 2014 on Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC.

Stars: Jang Hyuk as Lee Gun, Jang Na-ra as Kim Mi-Young, Choi Jin-hyuk as Daniel Pitt and Wang Ji-won as Kang Se Ra.

Basics: An eccentric and kind-hearted chaebol heir and a meek, yet principled “post-it” girl decide to marry after their unintended one-night stand results in an unexpected pregnancy.


My thoughts…

It’s like My Fair Lady meets Cinderella meets She’s All That.

It contains the expected “fix up the plain girl” storyline you might expect anytime we’re dealing with the playboy heir to a major corporation. Seriously–does any rich kid ever fall in love with another rich kid in drama stories?

Probably not…what would the character arc look like if the fabulously wealthy and privileged falls in love with other fabulously and similarly privileged people? Yawwwwn.

I digress.

Lee Gun is a powerful, charismatic and ECCENTRIC CEO of a shampoo/soap company. He’s in love with a Prima Ballerina named Se Ra and he’s all but ready to pop the question on a romantic holiday to a beautiful island.

On that same island. office “snail” girl Mi-Young is on a romantic holiday with a co-worker and basically gets run over by the jerk. Meanwhile, Lee Gun has been run over by Se Ra who has decided to skip his whole proposal and go to New York to star in a show. Sad.

Somehow, our two leads end up together in a night of drug-induced fog. Stop right here…the fog was not their fault and they were actually set up by some relatives of Mi-Young…island inhabitants whose lives are being destroyed by Lee Gun’s business practices.

The entire show tries to tie up an accidental pregnancy, a shotgun wedding, a few business ethics practices, some emerging, legitimate feelings that our Lee Gun isn’t ready to face yet, a whole lot of regret on the part of Se Ra (and Lee Gun) and an adorable “second” named Daniel who pushes Lee Gun to recognize the jewel of a partner he has in Mi-Young.

This series happened to introduce me to two common occurrences in Kdrama that I happen to struggle with sometimes.

Amnesia–ugggggh. You guys. Why all the amnesia? It makes me want to pull my hair out, no matter how much I love my characters and where the story was headed before the major head trauma.

Long post-happy ending gap. I get it. I do. I feel like these “send your heroine away for 2-4 years” before they can truly end up together serves a great purpose–it gets your heroine out on her own and established as her own successful individual before she embarks on a relationship…but seriously. It kills me every. single. time.

Fated to Love You was a really grown-up mix of hilarious moments and heart-crushing tragedies (Ugh. Kendoggie….*sob*). It was a hard ride at times for Mi-Young and when the tables turned and it was Lee Gun’s turn to do the pining, it was hilarious.


Would I recommend it? Yes. Yes. Yes. No, seriously. YES!

Fated to love you trailer: