I owe ya’ll a sort of “catch up” post about where we are and what we’re up to lately, but not today. Right now I have a hard drive full of full-color proof that I actually put on something other than flip flops and went out into the real, bonafide oxygen.

We drove about 20 minutes south to Brattleboro VT and swung a left over a gigantic river (the Connecticut) and landed in Chesterfield NH in search of Madame Sherri and her famous castle ruins. There’s more information about Madame Sherri (a wild lady who was a dance hall singer in Paris) and how she ended up hosting wild ragers in this forest-secluded house in Southern New Hampshire (read it here)…and there are rumors about a ghost. A ghost! (We didn’t see a ghost.)

But we did see lots of nature. ALL THE NATURE! And we had a blast…with not iPads or iPhones or Minecraft or Goat Simulator or Halo..or….or…you get where I’m going.

Roll that beautiful forest footage, maestro!

info kiosk

The info kiosk. Pretty self explanatory. There’s the wild woman herself, Madame Sherri.

hike 1

A really handsome guy walking away with my kids…

hike 2

“Look up, mom!” No, seriously…look up, Megan. So I did. And saw…

hike 3

This crazy-awesome tree.

hike 4

Lots of inclines in ALL THE NATURE. And ferns. I never realized before how much I love ferns.

hike 5

Riley loved ALL THE NATURE so much, she tried to take some home with her.

group shot 1

We took a break on a huge rock.

hike 6

We found this massive upturned face of a stone giant, too. Or a rock. Maybe we just found a really big rock…

hike 8

One of the vistas. Turns out, ALL THE NATURE is pretty spectacular.

hike 7

Then we found the pond. And this is about the point in time where Makenna submerged her shoe in muck mud. Yay, Makenna!

roo and mom 1

Look! I was there, too!


Pretty sure hiking experts wouldn’t approve of me carrying a wiggly 3-year-old on my hip down steep slopes. Whatever, safety nerds!

hike 9

The ruins! We made it to the ruins! We didn’t see a ghost, but we did check out the ruined foundation up top and it was all pretty neat. There was even a cellar still in tact that nobody would go down. Chickens…

hike 10

We’re done with the hike. And the post. But one more shout out to nature. NATURE!

See you next time!