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I’m back!

I spent the weekend in a whole new story and got, pretty much, minimal sleep. Go figure.

I recently signed up for the Drama Fever year-long plan because they offered a Memebox along with your paid $36 subscription. I mean, c’mon…MEMEBOX and KBEAUTY!

So, the story goes that I was sort of acclimating myself to all the new things Drama Fever offers versus Hulu. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a paid spokesperson for either company and I love Hulu…but it seems Drama Fever offers a lot of ongoing series that Hulu doesn’t at the moment. Good enough for me!)

One of the suggested titles that popped up for me was “Noble, My Love.” Two things stood out about it:

  1. It was online only and each episode was only 15 minutes long. That reminded me of the weekend I spent watching “Dream Knight” with those adorable boys from GOT7.
  2. Someone in the comments mentioned that the lead was the “white-haired guy from Faith.” Do you remember the very last show I reviewed…it was FAITH! I really liked the character Eum Ja and was pulling for him to have a change of heart the whole show. I mean, he didn’t and totally got run through by Lee Min-ho’s character, but I forgave him because…LEE MIN-HO!

See? This is how my brain works when choosing dramas to watch and review. Not a very scientific process!


Series Name: Noble, My Love (or in hangul “The Great Doctor”)

Run date: The series ran from August 2015 through the end of September via Naver TV Cast. Drama Fever now carries the complete series. See the series page here.

Stars: Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung

Basics: A veterinarian and a prince have a love-hate relationship in this romantic comedy based off of a popular webtoon!

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My thoughts…

I’ll start with chemistry. Wow. These two had it and I loved it! Playing CEO of a corporation, Sung Hoon was all sorts of brooding and  sexy as Lee Kang Hoon. Seriously. He had the intense, pout face down to a science. Contrast that with Kim Jae Young’s character, a sassy veterinarian named Cha Yoon Soo and there were fireworks from their first scenes, arguing over an overheating animal extra on Hoon’s commercial shoot. (The dog, a golden retriever, was named Charles. So cute!)

Hoon survives a kidnapping plot and needs to be stitched up by…wait for it….a nondescript vet in her animal hospital. The cold and somewhat vain Hoon assumes that Yoon Soo will come asking for money and recognition for her deeds and when she DOESN’T, the gorgeous Hoon has no idea what to do with himself. He’s so used to people falling all over themselves for him and his money that Yoon Soo throws him for a major loop.

He’s also fighting off attempts of his family to marry him off. He’s got blind dates he needs to go on to keep his mother appeased and he devises a contract with Yoon Soo to set up a fake relationship to keep his family off his back.

It wasn’t exactly an original set up, but it still made for a great show.

My favorite parts included one of the minor characters, Manager Kang. He was hilarious and really added comic relief to Hoon’s more serious persona. And Hoon, himself, as a character. He was so intense and the subtle ways he invaded her personal space when they were talking or arguing or gazing longingly into each other’s eyes was buzz worthy. So much chemistry! So much WOW!

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Drama eventually arrives in the relationship as true feelings start to develop before either character is ready to admit it. How they figure it out and set things right in their world make up the last third of the series. It ends so, so happily and made all those late nights more than worth it. And at just 15 minutes each, it’s definitely a show I’ll watch again!

It was a great storyline and it moved quickly because each episode was just 15 minutes long. Before I realized it, it was 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning and I wasn’t even close to being ready for bed.

Would I recommend it? Ummmm…YEAH!?!?!?!? A million times over. It was intense, well-written and fun!