It was pretty simple. I gave myself 20 minutes to find FIVE different shades of purple while wandering in downtown Bellows Falls. I found mauve, violet and every shade in between.

Purple Number One: I hit the motherlode here. This is one of the paintings on display at the Flat Iron Exchange. They’re by an artist named Jamie Townsend. They’re all beautiful, but this one OOZED purple. Score!

purple 1


Purple Number Two: The “Junie B. Jones” promo sign outside the Village Square Booksellers. There’s also usually a giant fluffy cat in the window, too.

purpl 2


Purple Number Three: A lovely fake plant in the display window of the junktiques shop next to the hardware store. Yes, I absolutely have NO idea what the store is called and completely forgot to check when I snapped the picture. Damn!

purple 3


Purple Number Four: So, technically, I was shooting the purple hatbox in the display window at The Annex. But I sure did love the two figurines, too. And the beaded necklace draped around the dude.

bf purple 4


Purple Number Five: Plenty of purple to choose from at the thrift shop, The SEVCA Good Buy Store. This was part of a set made in Germany going for about $20 more dollars than I was carrying at the time. (For the record, I was carrying NONE dollars on me. Damn.)

purple 5