As far back as my brain can wander, my mother has always had some sort of paintbrush in her hand. Watercolors were her favorite medium and while our styles are drastically different (I prefer illustration to her still life style), the pans, the water, and the brushes are always a direct link to all of my memories of watching her, fascinated that someone could take a pallid wash of water and pigment and make…things. (Eloquence there, I tell you.)

There’s a #WorldWatercolorMonth happening and I figured it’d be a good excuse to find one of the SEVEN sketch/watercolor books I’ve bought for myself in the last few months and keep up as best I could.

Day one was great. I loved who showed up. Day two felt a little forced and I didn’t really connect with either, but…you know, whatever. Day 3…that was fun. I’m not even sure who this happy little old man is, but I love him!


WWM Day 1

WWM Day 2


WWM Day3