polariod 2

my name is megan, but i’m guessing you knew that already–either because we’re buddies or you just read the name of the link you clicked on. you’re a smart cookie, you!

i’m a writer. seriously. that’s about all there is to it when it comes to my professional life. i had a few moments of fog-brain during freshman orientation at Texas A&M where i figured i’d study biomedical sciences and become a vet. but i wizened up  when i saw the math requirements and i got a liberal arts degree instead.

eventually, i realized i didn’t have enough student debt piled on my soul, so i doubled back for a master’s degree in creative writing. i met good people there, though, so it was worth the money. (just one of the outrageous lies i tell myself when i can’t sleep at night).

i’ve written for newspapers. nonprofits. oil companies. engineering companies. i was an overnight dj once. a pro mma fighter for a few months. i was even a soccer mom this year, as much as i was pretty bad at it.

i have a ferociously amazing husband who i love and annoy every chance i get. i love that man and his beard. we have four children who put the grey hairs on my head (proverbial at this point…mostly) and the fire in my soul. we have an idiot rescue dog who attacks brooms, too.  he’s not much, but he’s ours!

these days i still write. sometimes professionally (as in, i get paid for it!) but mostly i’m chugging away at my young adult series, The Shamans of the Divide. you can find out more about all that over on my author page: MeganApplegateBooks.com

i’m crazy like that glue, ya’ll..