You Can Have All My Stuff If You Want It

There’s so much stuff in my house. So. Much. Stuff. My husband freaks out a little bit when I get like this because, inevitably, when I slash and burn through my clutter, some of his things end up missing. I’m at the point now where this gorgeous old house is stuffed...

Into the wild…

The family and I go off in search of a ghost in her haunted ruins. We didn’t find a ghost, but we did find ALL THE NATURE!

Kdrama Review: Orange Marmalade (2015)

Humans and vampires. Vampires and humans. Will it ever work out? “Orange Marmalade” attempts to tackle this age old question. Based on the popular webtoon by Seokwoo.

Video: TWO DAYS!!!!

Videos are fun and I basically have no dignity left after this one. 😀 PS...Hi Fawnie!! I miss you. xoxo   [embed][/embed]